d6 Communicators

For parents, Herschel makes use of the d6 School Communicator platform. There is one Communicator for the Prep School and one for the Senior School.

As a parent, you will need to install the Windows or Mac program (on your desktop or laptop), or the iOS or Android app (on your tablet or smartphone).

Setup Instructions

Herschel requires that any installation of the D6 Communicators be authenticated so that we can ensure only parents of Herschel make use of this resource. While the authentication process may be onerous, the intention is to protect privacy, and to ensure that information provided on this platform is not readily available in the public domain. Please follow the instruction below.

The initial setup of the D6 Communicators requires the owner of the email address provided to Herschel for NOTICES be the one to setup the account.

Windows or Mac

1. Open the link https://d6.co.za/education/downloads/ .
You will be directed to the D6 Schools Communicator download page.

2. Select the appropriate installation package (Windows or Mac), download and install.

Once installed, your instance of the Communicator will need to be authenticated. This is to ensure that only Herschel parents make use of the software.

3. When you are prompted to enter an email address and password, leave the fields blank for now. Click on 'Request Password'.

A new browser window will open.

4. In the email field, enter your email address that you provided to Herschel for NOTICES.

5. In the password field, enter a password of your choice.

An email will be sent to you and you will need to confirm you email address before continuing. Be sure to check your 'junk email/spam' folder.

Once you have confirmed your email address, return to the Communicator.

6. Enter the email address and password combination in order to activate your copy. Complete remaining setup steps.

Once authenticated, you can use that email/password combination to activate as many copies of the Communicator as you like.

iOS or Android

1. Go to the relevant app store for your device and search for 'd6 School Communicator'.

2. Once located, install the app.

3. When prompted, enter your email address that you provided to Herschel for NOTICES.
A OTP will be sent to your mailbox; be sure to check your 'junk email/spam' folder. Do not make use of the mobile number option.

4. Enter the OTP into the app.
Relevant Communicators tied to your email address should now be displayed.

5. Select the relevant Communicators.