Origin Food Management Services are the caterers at Herschel Girls School.  We are a small business that has niched ourselves in the education sector in order to provide a relevant and focussed service.  Our objective is to take the dining experience to a whole new level by using high quality, fresh, local produce, as well as improved cooking processes and food presentation.  We have extensive experience in the fodd service industry and look forward to using that to improve the experience for your daughter.

Senior: Hot lunches from The Tuckshop Cafe

Origin offers a hot lunch to the day scholars.  Our menus are re-engineered each season ensuring the best possible options are on offer with specific focus on balance and heath.

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Senior: The Tuckshop Cafe

The Tuckshop Cafe was developed in 2010 in conjunction with dietitians and chefs.  The idea was to begin a healthy food revolution in the education sector.  We have worked hard to ensure our offer is appealing, healthy and most of all balanced.

Your daughter will not need to sign up for any of The Tuckshop Cafe items; she will just need to bring cash to purchase.