iPad Programme

Herschel Girls School has a one-to-one iPad Programme in place to assist pupils and staff with learning and research.

Requirements: Grades 4-7

3/12 UPDATE: Grades 4 and 5 
In response to parent queries:

"We have continued to have lengthy discussions regarding the iPad policy at Herschel.  After much debate, we have made a collective decision that we will not be changing our policy owing to our belief in the iPad product and because our systems, staff and pupil training, and even recruitment of certain ICT team members, has been based on this ecosystem over many years. 

We are, however, willing to accommodate any girl in Grade 4 or 5 who may already be in possession of an Android device, as we fully understand that in the current climate to make a new purchase at this stage is not a reasonable request.

However, please be aware that there may from time to time be an issue with our ability to offer support or apps on these Android devices.  We would also need parents to be responsible for security and privacy settings on the Android device as we do not have an integrated ecosystem to support this.”

Requirements: Grades 8-12