Grades 08: You would have already submitted a yellow form signed by you and your parents - thank you.
Grades 09 & 10: You must complete the Declaration electronically following the instructions set out below.
Grades 11&12: You can choose whether to complete electronically (if you have configured your Herschel Google account) or in hardcopy. You are strongly advised to complete the form electronically by following the instructions below.  However, you can choose to renew in hardcopy using the link: Grade 11 and 12 hardcopy renewal of AUP Declaration
STAFF: Please complete electronically by following the instructions below.

Renewal of ICT Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) Declaration

All users of the Herschel network (and related technologies) are required to complete a Declaration to the AUP.  When a user first accepts the AUP (in order to make use of the Herschel network and related technologies), the Declaration is completed in hard-copy (i.e. on paper). Thereafter, from time to time, users are required to complete a Renewal of the Declaration electronically.

Every user's username (email address) and password allows access to two platforms, namely the Herschel network (campus based) and the Herschel Google service (cloud based).  On first use, access is provisioned on both and the first change of password (required on first logon) is syncronised across both platforms.  This means that usernames and passwords for both services are always in sync.

In order to complete the electronic Renewal of AUP Declaration, you must be logged into your Herschel Google account
  • If you are logged in to your Herschel Google account, the Renewal of Declaration form will load automatically.
  • If you are not logged in, you will be asked to do so - use your Herschel email and password.  You will then be directed to the Renewal of Declaration form.
  • It is likely that you have your own Google account, and if you are logged on with that account when you try to complete the Renewal, you will be denied access.  

If you are denied access to the Renewal of Declaration form:
  • Return to this page (on first tab)
  • Goto (this will open in a new tab)
  • Click on the circle on the extreme top right (this will probably contain your photo)
  • On the drop-down box that appears, press the 'Signout' button
  • Return to this page (on first tab) and select the link below again.  You will now be asked to login using your Herschel username and password. 

> Goto Renewal of Declaration (this will open in a new tab)